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Ashley Myers suffered an unimaginable loss when in 2007, her 4-month-old son Justice died following brutal child abuse.

Ashley says:

"In the darkest days of my life, this man was my saving grace. When I felt like I had no fight left in me, he came to myself and my family with ideas and purpose to keep us going.  He didn't step away when the case was closed and his job was finished.  Almost 15 years later he's still standing beside us. He never stops fighting for what is right.  He is ALWAYS there. He will forever be my hero and I will forever stand beside him and support him."


Dee Myers, Baby Justice's grandmother, also maintains a close relationship with Greg.  Dee remembers: 

"He gave his all. He never, not one time, was not there at any point for this family, whether he was on duty or off, he always answered our calls, our questions, our fears, tears, and pain and if he didn’t have the answer he would just listen. Greg went above and beyond his call of duty..."

See Dee's full statement below.


Sheriff KC Bohrer of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office strongly supports Ret. Lt. Greg Alton's campaign for Sheriff of Washington County saying: 

"I'm confident the people will soon know what I have known for years, that Greg Alton is a class act and I look forward to serving beside him once again."

See Sheriff Bohrer's full letter of support below.