• A lifelong resident of Washington County.

  • A 25-year career spent serving the residents of Washington County

  • A conservative Republican Candidate concerned with the protection of YOUR FAMILY and YOUR RIGHTS.


Greg was born and raised in Washington County. He grew up in Halfway where he attended Lincolnshire Elementary School, Springfield Middle School, and graduated from Williamsport High School. Greg’s mother was a local emergency room nurse for 50 years and his father, Don Alton (pictured), was a local police officer for 25 years. 


After graduation from high school, Greg attended Hagerstown Junior College where he received an Associate Degree in Communication/Journalism. 


Greg worked part-time as a sports reporter for The Evening Journal in Martinsburg, West Virginia while attending Hagerstown Junior College.


After he graduated from Hagerstown Junior College, Greg was hired to be the News Editor for The Hagerstown Journal, which was a weekly publication.


The Hagerstown Journal was eventually purchased and renamed The Antietam Advertiser where Greg continued to
work as the News Editor.  


In 1993, as part of a news story he was writing, Greg did several ride-along assignments with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.  As a result of those ride-alongs, Greg realized his passion for law enforcement, and in September of 1994, he changed careers. 

Greg started his career in public service as a Police Communications Operator where he worked until 1998 when he entered the Western Maryland Police Academy.  Greg graduated from the police academy in July 1998 becoming a uniformed deputy for the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


Greg worked in that capacity until October 2000 when he transferred to the Criminal Investigation Unit and became a detective, working the most serious crimes in Washington County.  Greg remained in the Criminal Investigation Unit for the rest of his career and rose to the rank of Lieutenant, managing the unit,  until his retirement in October 2018.


During his service with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Greg amassed over 200 letters of appreciation and commendation.

Greg was a decorated member of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and was honored with numerous awards for service.  Some of his more notable achievements are:


  • Optimist Club "Deputy of the Year" for 2001

  • Washington County Sheriff's Office "Deputy of the Year" for 2008

  • Maryland Chiefs of Police "Deputy of the Year" for 2008

  • Washington County Sheriff's Office "Supervisor of the Year" for 2017 

  • Maryland Retailers Association "Officer of the Year" for 2018


Following his retirement, Greg continued his work fighting against criminal behavior by gaining employment as an asset protection associate with Belk, where he continues to work today.

Greg has been encouraged throughout his career by his loving family.  His parents, Don and Fran, and his brother Mike, supported Greg in his endeavors in law enforcement for over twenty-five years. 


Greg has been married to his wife, Sandy, for 29 years.  Sandy is an Outpatient Care Management Community Navigator at Meritus Health in Hagerstown.  Sandy has been an unwavering supporter of Greg as he navigated long hours and uncountable late-night call-outs.  Without the support of his amazing wife and family, Greg's accomplishments simply could not have been possible.


Experienced Accountable Leadership

Before he retired from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in 2018, Greg Alton served the department for more than 25 years, amassing nearly 2000 criminal arrests. As a detective, and eventually the Detective Lieutenant in charge of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Greg led investigations for the most serious crimes in the county, seeking justice and ensuring the safety of the community.  Not only did Greg successfully close hundreds of cases, but his dedication also earned him more than 200 letters of recognition and commendation.  


But to Greg, this wasn’t about numbers or receiving credit, it was about standing up for the right thing, and seeking justice for those who deserved it.


Justice came in many forms, and in 2007, tragically, the term “Justice” came to have a deeper meaning, when baby Justice Myers-Cannon was murdered.


Greg investigated the horrible crime, leading to an arrest and eventual conviction and 30-year sentence.


But this case called for more than just a conviction – Greg wanted to do more and joined forces to proactively address the dangers of child abuse, working to develop statewide legislation. Known as Justice's Law, the initiative eventually raised the sentence for child abuse that results in death from a maximum of 30 years to a maximum of life imprisonment.


Greg knows the importance of teamwork, and that’s why he’s selected actively serving patrol Lieutenant, Joshua McCauley, to serve as his Chief Deputy.  Together they have more than 40 years of law enforcement service, right here in Washington County in patrol work, child abuse investigation, homicide investigation, K9 handling, traffic enforcement, criminal and drug interdiction, juvenile and adult diversion programming, front line leadership, and administrative management.