Police Cars

Experience at Work

Greg Alton has served and protected the Washington County community for more than 25 years.  During his career, he experienced the joy and triumph of helping perfect strangers, the pain of notifying someone their loved one had passed, and felt the determination and perseverance to seek justice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

Greg’s tenacity has never dulled, and now, more than ever, he feels called to lead law enforcement in Washington County.  The challenges surrounding modern-day policing and developing trust between community members and the officers who bravely serve and protect them are not just part of a national conversation - these issues need to be taken head-on here, in our own community.  Our safety is on the line, and it’s critical that the Washington County Sheriff’s Office can attract and retain passionate and talented officers to serve the dynamic needs of our community.

Washington County needs an experienced leader, who has walked in the boots of an officer, who respects and understands the perspective of the officers they will lead while sharing deeper respect and awareness of the needs of the community. Read more about Greg’s experience and passion for doing the right thing here.